Finally, after many hiccups, the Saga Project is back on track. A few more chapters will be added today and over the coming weekend. The move to a private domain will be postponed for now, as it didn’t quite work out. I will continue to look into the possibility, however.

With an audiobook spanning close to 100 chapters and hundreds of pages, it is still gratifying to see as chapters add up, even despite the delays due to illness (can’t read much without a voice) and technical issues.



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3 responses to “Progress

  1. This is fantastic. There is noway I could pronounce the names found in the Icelandic Sages. Please keep it up! I fined Egils Saga just fascinating and to hear it is fantastic!

  2. Theresa from Canada

    I am SO delighted to have found you Bára. I’m traveling to Iceland in a couple of weeks (my grandmother was born there) and I wished I could listen to the Sagas being told, as voice was the original medium. I appreciate your commitment to this project…you’ve made my wish come true. Takk fyrir

  3. Is this project still on-going?

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