I never expected anyone to actually like this thing..!

I just made it, on a whim, while trying to add a bit more productivity to what was essentially wasted time. An attempt to share the sagas I love so dearly.

And then, suddenly, lots of people were commenting, listening, downloading… some even being so generous as to send a little donation via bandcamp. (I decided from the start to make it all available for free, so this was really touching.)

And then my responsibilities changed, I got a promotion and I think I’ve narrated a total of one video this year. No more warm-up, no more wasted time. No more chapters added.

But now I feel invested. And it feels like there are others out there, too, who would like to see this continued.

I’m just going to have to find some free time to keep this up, aren’t I.



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2 responses to “Snowballs

  1. Adi

    Yes you are! I love listening to these while I’m working. Please do more 🙂

  2. Ben

    Are you going to start adding more chapters soon? You are more than a third done!

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