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Finally, after many hiccups, the Saga Project is back on track. A few more chapters will be added today and over the coming weekend. The move to a private domain will be postponed for now, as it didn’t quite work out. I will continue to look into the possibility, however.

With an audiobook spanning close to 100 chapters and hundreds of pages, it is still gratifying to see as chapters add up, even despite the delays due to illness (can’t read much without a voice) and technical issues.



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About the Saga Project

I like audiobooks. They’re handy while travelling and when I just want to curl up with my eyes closed and listen to a story.

I also like the Icelandic sagas. I’ve studied their protagonists for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Comparative Literature, and I have a certain fondness for them.

My work involves narration, among many other things, and just as you need to warm up for singing, you need to warm up your voice for narration. As a result of this, it seemed like a good idea to start reading audio recordings of the sagas, during my warm up sessions. My voice won’t be perfect (if it were, it would be time to start working!) but hopefully some use and enjoyment can be found in them regardless.

This is my own pet project, so feel free to download themĀ for your own personal use. There’s no price, though donations are greatly appreciated if you enjoy the recordings. The sagas read are chosen by personal whim, so feel free to send requests.

I hope you enjoy the Saga Project audio books.


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